Virtual Reality


Over the past few years, VR headsets available on the market are improved a lot. We aim to provide these devices with appropriate and quality content.
Not like other marketing tools, when wearing a VR headset, the customer only sees what is revealed before their eyes, therefore it is a much more focused and effective approach.
Virtual reality applications are not only for entertainment but can play a great role in marketing, education and therapy as well.
The range of possibilities are not only endless but still quite untapped.
We help you get inspired and find the VR solution that suits your needs.

Areas of use

In virtual reality, we don’t see the environment around us. Only the content projected in the glasses will appear in front of our eyes.

VR in Interior design

With the help of a VR application, we can easily enter our future home without any restrictions.
We can discover the property, walk around the rooms and can modify the surfaces to our liking. Let’s change the style of the surfaces, doors, furniture fronts or even the colour of the walls.

Medical VR

Our team have experience in developing complex virtual reality experiences for pharmaceutical companies.
We work with companies who want to present their product in a novel was to their target audience.

VR in Entertainment & Education

Instead of the regular physical museum, our client wanted to create a museum that is in the virtual space and is accessible to anyone at any time.
The PICK VR Museum is a hybrid application that incorporates the benefits of both, augmented and virtual reality.
It can be used on a handheld device, on a desktop and in VR as well.
With ARKit and ARCore, we can even display a virtual exhibition in our home, which we can tour around with the help of a virtual exhibition guide.
Thanks to the WebGL platform, anyone can view the PICK Museum with an internet connection.

Pick Museum

Hotel Industry

A virtual hotel tour is a great way to grab travellers attention and to stand out from the crowd.
Demonstrate the features of your property and make your clients feel as if they were already there.