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ACODYNA- Client Spotlight - Amanda Hall Photo-Website Project
Amanda Hall, photographer, is in current week's Client Spotlight.
She tells us about her passion, her journey in photography, and opened up about the difficulties of being a small business owner.
Last, but not least, you can read about her wonderful end-of-the-year offer!


I am Amanda From Amanda Hall Photography. I have been a photographer for over 30 years and have been freelance for 5 years. I wanted to do something that I was passionate about and also fit in around my kids. I started mostly working with children and newborns and did some new training, particularly for babies as health and safety was my priority. Over time I started to look into business networking and discovered there was a gap in headshot photography


Personal Brand Photography

I got in touch with a fellow photographer who talked about Personal Brand Photography.   This was the direction I wanted to go. In my early days as a photographer, I did a lot of documentary photography and found that I could marry the headshot and documentary-style together.   
Through networking, I have met lots of small businesses and these are my target audience looking to create visibility in their online and offline presence. They were missing out on telling the story of their business and their brand by not having enough images. They were struggling to find the right images through stock libraries so by having a bank of their own unique images they could use these gorgeous pictures of theirs as often and whenever they like. 

When I went freelance I said yes to all kinds of genre of photography including weddings but over time I managed to narrow it down to family and newborn, personal brand photography and small celebratory events such as milestone birthdays and anniversaries

Being a business owner

Having your own business is not easy. Trying to juggle everything from accounts, social media management, newsletters and blogging, editing images and new training it can be really overwhelming. I try to consider what is important in my business and one of the things I plan to implement is to have a VA to manage all the corespondents, handle my newsletters and blogs. However, finding the right one at a good price is something I’m looking into right now.  This was the same for me when I rebuilt my website. I started my website on my own in the early days of my business and always knew it was lacking something. Thanks to Acodyna they have realised my vision. Having a website is so important as it is your shop window to your business and it is still an important marketing tool. 
I gave myself a 5-year goal with my business. It has been a rollercoaster of ride but one thing I would definitely advise and recommend to new people starting out is to join a networking group. It is a great way to meet new businesses who can help support you and offer advice. Make sure you invest in lots of training too not just in your field of work but in the world of social media, accounting and growing your business and your brand through business coaches

Businesses a buddy session

Finally, I would like to offer new businesses a buddy session where they can partner up with a friend or another business and share the cost of one of my brand packages. They can act as clients or friends in the session and it can be so much fun.  You will receive exactly the same amount of images as you would a single package.  For example a 3-hour session; you will both receive up 70 images each for the price of one package.  This offer is available until the end of February and will be launched from early December. If you are looking for something short term and just want a few images for your social media contents I am offering virtual brand sessions for £50 which includes months worth of images. All you need is your phone, good WiFi and good lighting and you don’t have to go too far. I will give instructions from my computer on how to pose for your sessions. To find out more please visit my:
Facebook page
LinkedIn: amandahallphotouk13
Instagram: @amandahallphotouk

We wish you all the best with your great venture and it’s a pleasure to have you among our clients!

You can check out the Amanda Hall Photography Project in our portfolio or go to Amanda’s website directly!

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