ACODYNA- Client Spotlight - Amanda Hall Photo-Website Project

Client Spotlight – Amanda Hall

Amanda Hall, photographer, is in current week’s Client Spotlight.
She tells us about her passion, her journey in photography, and opened up about the difficulties of being a small business owner.

Last, but not least, you can read about her wonderful end-of-the-year offer!

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Client Spotlight – By GN

This is a bi-lingual post. // Ez egy kétnyelvű bejegyzés.

Nikolett, from by GN, is in the this week’s customer spotlight. She tells about her business, how she became a successful entrepreneur and why she decided to open an online shop.

Nikolett, a by GN alapítója és vezetője, eheti Reflektorfényben c. írásunk vendége. Niki kérésünkre mesél a vállalkozásáról, arról, hogyan lett sikeres üzletasszony és miért döntött úgy, hogy webáruházat nyit.

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5 Reasons To Choose A Web Designer Not A Web Builder

A website is arguably your most important business marketing tool. For most website owners, controlling visual layout is a priority, but we all know websites can quickly become complicated if you (the business owner) are not trained in coding or web design.

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4 reasons why small businesses need a website

Why does my business need a website?
You might ask. I’ve just seen a sponsored post on FB from a postal service provider advertising their traditional (or may we say, old fashioned?) postal leaflet service, and they wrote about how greatly effective it is. It has just literally exploded the comments’ section, most people stating that in the digital age this is a totally useless waste-generator and get on the internet if you want to get attention to your business and if you want to be found (locally). Is this really the situation, does a business need a digital-self? And If so, is it worth having a website, or one (or more) social page(s) would do the job?
Let’s dig in!

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