Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive experience, including digital visual elements and sound, in the actual physical world.
In plain English, AR means a way to amaze, surprise and engage your clients.
Our experienced team has been delivering AR applications for several years, mainly for promotional purposes. A great deal of routine has been gained over these years and we can deliver a simple AR application within 1-2 weeks.

Still not sure what it is or how AR can help your business? Check out our portfolio!

If you would like to take your business to the next level, get in touch and we will help you from brainstorming through choosing the right device and platform to concept development and full testing.

Areas of use

Augmented reality places virtual elements in the reality around us using a smart device.

AR in Education

Augmented reality-based applications are impressive, engaging and provide more insights.
It is suitable for those who want to provide a more efficient way to support learning.
Markers can be placed in a book, on a flyer or in a photo. When students look at that marker with our AR app, all additional content, such as pictures, videos, texts and animations will be displayed.

Augmented Reality in education
RF Anatomy

Medical AR

Augmented reality brings novelty in communicating with patients and describing medications.
You can directly demonstrate the effects of the medicine in 3D.
Supporting the work of medical practitioners and medical visitors, spectacular presentations and lectures can be created in augmented reality.

AR in Interior design

With our AR application, your customers can virtually place their desired piece of furniture in real size in their own home. They can easily customize, then order it.
You can easily open a new distribution channel by uploading your products in a virtual catalogue and making those available for your customers.

Augmented Reality in Interior Design

AR in Product Presentation

With our AR app, your customers can find the needed product easily, can learn about it in 3D, can virtually try it on (if applicable) which all have a hugely stimulating effect on sales.
Markers can be placed in a book, on a flyer, in a photo, or can be the product itself (depending on the product). When customers look at that marker with our AR app, all additional content, such as pictures, videos, texts and animations will be displayed.




Our team have created an augmented reality animation and application to represent the effects of the medication called Bravadin. The animation comes to life and slows down on interaction, providing a unique experience to the user.


Dinosaurs came to life by augmented reality in a theme park located in the United Kingdom.
During the walk, visitors could get to know the different species of dinosaurs by using their smart devices.
The app was created for Appshaker and proved to be a great success.


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The AR app was created for the anatomy atlas of RF Anatomy. 3D models of human body images and organs were created, representing their functions. This allows the reader to study the human body closely and more effectively.

The augmented reality technology provides a completely new platform in education.

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