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Mobile and tablet optimized website design

Your website must look good. We make sure that your webpage looks good across various devices. Vast per cent of internet users search for businesses from their mobile device, therefore it is essential that you win them over even on-the-go.


SEO-friendly website structure

Search Engine Optimization – the magic expression. You can relax, the structure of your website is built with the latest SEO rules in mind. We work together with professional copy editors who provide SEO content writing on a high level for our clients.


WodPress based bespoke web design

We use WordPress, which is a reliable base providing swift solutions. This way we save you time and money. Your webpage still will be unique as we don’t use ready-made templates, we built them ourselves and make sure that it is suitable for your requirements.

digital marketing

Creative design, content & social media marketing

We also offer design, branding, copy editing and social media marketing solutions with the help of our experienced team of freelance providers.


Karoly Tanacs

ACODYNA Founder & Leader Web Developer​

Charlie has been working for 12 years at a London based company providing engineering services for its clientele all over the country.

He has always been interested in website development, this is the reason he has started to train himself and has attended several courses in the past years to deepen his knowledge in the topic. Charlie has not stopped since then on his way to improve his professionalism and decided to found his own company, ACODYNA, to create value and to support business achieving their goals through their Online Presence.

He has plenty of experience working with businesses of different sizes and he has a great understanding of the needs and concerns of each of them. This made him be able to provide excellent service to ACODYNA’s customers and to listen carefully and open-mindedly to deliver the website of their dreams.

Angela Szucs

ACODYNA Founder, Business Development and Project Director​

Angela has 14 years of experience in various business sectors in different countries, meaning she has extensive knowledge in working with different cultures and effectively solving complex problems.

In the past 5 years, she has been running her own business and been freelancing, mainly as Project Manager and Business Consultant to support businesses to achieve their goals. Her special interest in design and marketing made her more engaged in creative works, such as brand and social media creative kit developments.

Having this background led Angela to decide to move another step forward and establish her own company, ACODYNA, where she can put all her knowledge at the service of customers and support them to reach their goals through comprehensive online presence.

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ACODYNA is a Harlow based web design company specialized in websites for small and medium-sized businesses and special events.